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Member of: Professional Organizers in Canada
Fully Insured - Professional and Commercial

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Creating space in your home to move. The elimination of items that are no longer needed in your household. Rearranging furniture to enhance the functionality of your room.


I specialize in making your garage a clutter free zone. Organize and add shelving units. I maintain and clean hand tools. Prepare, price items, and set up for garage sales.


Organizing your home's rooms by offering a solution to a cleaner, more organized living space. This includes the kitchen, closets, bedrooms, washrooms, and even the home office.


I can pack and label boxes, be present while the movers arrive. I will dispose of any unwanted items. I will post Items for sale on Kijiji. I will change over mattresses seasonally.

Home Staging

  It is my duty to leave your home looking like a showroom, such as rearranging furniture and adding or removing pieces to leave you and your guests in awe.