I was a Social Service Worker and Child and Youth Worker. I’ve worked in the Health, Human, and Social Service fields; primarily child and adolescent mental health, for a combined 25 years.

But I needed a change; something different. Helping family and friends de-clutter, move, and stage their homes has been a hobby of mine for years… so what better venture to take on!

Let my skills enhance your home, health, and happiness!

We lead busy lives and sometimes things, like keeping our home tidy and organized, fall away. Many of us are part of the "sandwich" generation; taking care of our children, spouse and parents (in-laws). Finding time to do the easiest tasks can be overwhelming. Our happiness, health, self-care, social interactions and quality time are affected.

This is where I come in...let me take some of the burden off! Following a consultation/assessment, we will work together to set customized goals that fit your lifestyle. No judgement; just a passionate desire to enhance your quality of life. It's a win-win situation for both of us!

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